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    Artist Statement

    My paintings and drawings deal with my curiosity for the power of myth. Throughout my life I have searched for mythical stories stemming from all ends of the world; myths ranging from the Egyptian Book of the Dead, the Tibetan Book of the Dead, Hinduism, Buddhism, African, Italian folklore, and all types of fiction leading up to present day. I am enthralled with history, especially the most recent discoveries, which rewrite history. Such historical revisions make everything we believed to be true nothing more than old myths. History is an ever-changing story with new twists and turns developing every day. History and myth seem to coincide with one another; I have come to find this to be an amazing idea, because I was raised to believe that history was the absolute true account of what happened in the past, and myth was untrue and fictional. When I realized that history can descend from myths, and history can turn back into a myth; the power of myth began to show its strength. The power of myth can fill the listener with wonder, mystery, and leave them with his or her own imagination as one watches the story unfold and take root in their own unique way. Taking this power of mythical storytelling and applying it to the visual has been the driving force behind each one of my pieces. I want the power of the image to allow the individual to climb into oneself and discover where their imagination can take them.


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